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William Howard Taft didn’t want Americans to have to go on vacation alone. In 1910, he proposed giving American workers two to three months of paid vacation every year. The naturalist John Muir said better than compulsory schooling, the U.S. should consider compulsory vacationing. In 1938, Congress proposed the 40-hour work week, a minimum wage and two weeks of paid vacation. In both instances, the vacation proposals died.
Thus it seems likely that more than 200 blacks were killed after they had ceased fighting. Most eyewitness accounts of the massacre were written by Confederates, who saw the killings as something to boast of, consonant with the values of Southern society. Yet at every rank and in every Confederate unit there were also men who were appalled by the murders. Ultimately, moral responsibility for the massacre rests on Confederate leaders, whose racial polemics and military instructions gave official sanction to the motives for massacre, and not those of mercy.
Five healthy adults were placed in what the researchers called Stone Age-like conditions in Germany for more than two months—without electricity, clocks or running water. Participants fell asleep about two hours earlier and got on average 1.5 hours more sleep than was estimated in their normal lives, the study said. Their average amount of sleep per night: 7.2 hours.
Tea gives me an even, calm buzz all day long. Plus it’s cheap, natural, delicious, and generally healthy.
These great old icons are expensive to maintain and now the region, and hopefully voters, will be given a choice to preserve them or not. It’s a choice that I believe voters should be able to make. But it is self-destructive for any Hamilton County leader to treat the city – which they also are supposed to represent – as a scapegoat for problems the city did not create and has historically worked diligently to address. I wish county commissioners well as they decide what to do, but their decision should be made without trying to short-change the city’s historic commitment to these great regional assets.