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GIANCARLO GONZALEZ It can be argued that Gonzalez was the most impressive MLS player at the World Cup, and after playing a pivotal role in Costa Rica’s inspiring run to the quarterfinals, there are certain to be offers for the 26-year-old central defender. The difference between Gonzalez and the other players on this list, aside from being the lone non-U.S. player, is that Gonzalez just joined the Crew this past winter. Columbus may not be in a hurry to part with a player who has so clearly been a blockbuster addition. That being said, Columbus is in dire need of attacking help, and the right-sized transfer offer might make coach Gregg Berhalter consider a move if it means helping revamp need areas on the squad.
But the next time you’re tempted to invest a lot in the Rumpelstiltskin Gambit, remember: However earnestly you believe that a grain of sand is still a heap, it’s the court’s opinion that counts.
Whether or not a legal case can be made against Mandel, a picture has emerged of a politician who’s all about money and naked ambition. The suburban Cleveland native jumped from small-town councilman to state treasurer in four years, and less than six months into his four-year term as treasurer he was already raising money to run for the U.S. Senate.



Thomas Merton’s copy? (at Open Books)

This has my St. Bonaventure/English MA heart worked into a furious pitter-patter.