Speckled Grace

Bits of the well-traveled written world. The words above are not necessarily endorsed by me, but themes do appear.


    "The new standards won’t revolutionize education. It’s not enough to set goals; you have to figure out how to meet them. But they are a step forward. Yet now states from New York to Oklahoma are thinking of rolling them back. This has less to do with substance and more to do with talk-radio bombast and interest group resistance to change. The circus has come to town."
    — 1 day ago
    "At another level, futurology implies that we are unhappy in the present. Perhaps this is because the constant, enervating downpour of gadgets and the devices of the marketeers tell us that something better lies just around the next corner and, in our weakness, we believe. Or perhaps it was ever thus. In 1752, Dr Johnson mused that our obsession with the future may be an inevitable adjunct of the human mind. Like our attachment to the past, it is an expression of our inborn inability to live in – and be grateful for – the present."
    — 2 days ago
    "1 Birmingham-Hoover, AL 0.424 6 2 Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown, TX 0.419 7 3 Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana, CA 0.406 8 4 Columbus, OH 0.403 9"
    — 5 days ago
    "Father James Bacik was there — our city’s premier theologian and Catholic pastor. Baldemar Velasquez was there — the world’s leading spokesman for migrant workers."
    — 5 days ago
    "Columbus Zoo Director Emeritus Jack Hanna, the most recognizable advocate of Issue 6, does not live in Franklin County and would not be subjected to the tax hike he is promoting."
    — 5 days ago with 2 notes
    "CONS You have to go to a place Chance of developing autism 100 percent Puts the onus of character-building entirely on sports Without suffering through diphtheria, the flu, and measles, American children will become effete, pampered do-nothings Free lollipops promote unhealthy eating habits Child won’t get to be kindergarten’s Typhoid Mary Bullies parents into slavishly following actions recommended by decades of physicians’ peer-reviewed research that establishes an irrefutable scientific consensus"
    — 5 days ago