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“History Day” was the brainchild of Case Western Reserve Professor David Van Tassel and his history department colleagues. Unhappy with the often unengaging way the subject was taught and learned, Van Tassel wanted to invigorate secondary school history education by encouraging teachers to incorporate primary documents into their teaching and engage students in real historical research and analysis. Using the science-fair concept as a model, Van Tassel and his colleagues launched a Northeast Ohio contest they called History Day.
When intellectual property law experts cannot agree, we should not expect our history and math faculty to do justice to the fair use analysis each time. Instead, faculty will divide into two camps. One group will “throw caution to the wind” and use whatever content they wish in whatever form they desire, hoping never to raise the ire of the publishing companies. The other, out of an abundance of caution, will self-censor, and fail to make fair use of content for fear that they might step over a line they cannot possibly identify, and can never be certain of until a judge rules one way or the other. Either way, our students and the publishers lose out.

I think fraud is overblown as an issue, but early voting is an abomination upon the earth. It is antithetical to a functioning democracy. I say 48 straight hours with open polls with one of the days on a weekend - probably Sunday/Monday.

Honduran food is yummy … except for Corn Flakes in warm milk and pickle loaf for breakfast…

The Italian heading for that section remains unchanged: “accogliere le persone omosessuali.” Massimo Faggioli, an Italian theologian covering the synod, tweeted Thursday that “I am Italian and that is not a translation, it is a falsification.”
Don’t just parent for the future, parent for this evening. Your child probably won’t get into the Ivy League or win a sports scholarship. At age 24, he might be back in his childhood bedroom, in debt, after a mediocre college career. Raise him so that, if that happens, it will still have been worth it.

Perhaps this will work for the current circulating plagues…

a whole lot of big Ohio schools on this list … I probably says more about the job market in Ohio in 2011 than anything else though.

Getting colder

In recent years, coal issues have come to play an increasingly pivotal role in Kentucky politics. Just ask Ben Chandler. The four-term Democratic incumbent lost his House seat in 2012 after his Republican opponent, Andy Barr, blasted him for voting in favor of President Obama’s cap-and-trade bill, which was designed to lower greenhouse gas emissions from sources like coal. The tactic’s effectiveness was surprising because the 19-county congressional district did not have a single active coal mine.