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There are some things so evil that only superbrilliant intellectuals can believe them. And no, I’m afraid it didn’t sound better in the original German.
t’s that goodwill, says former Cincinnati Police Chief Thomas Streicher, that helped Cincinnati recover from its 2001 riots. The same cooperation is needed in Ferguson to defuse the situation and rebuild trust between the community and the police. “They have to engage the entire community and make them a part of this resolution process with every effort from this point forward,” Streicher told Cincinnati’s CBS affiliate. “If they don’t do that they will fail.”
No wonder a majority of British Jews polled for this week’s Jewish Chronicle said they could not see any Jewish future in Britain.
Fortunately, I was caught between the tail-end of Gen-X wallowing and Gen-Y determination, and—through happenstance and the barest of careerism—I managed to turn some of my own slacker proclivities into a job. (Poor Troy Dyer; he would have made an excellent pop culture blogger.) But like so many of my narrowly defined generation, I know I struggle still to overcome the jaded laziness that is my ingrained, natural resting state. I love my work. I try to evolve. But somewhere, deep within my DNA, Troy and his 1994 ilk are sitting back with their Camel straights, asking why I bother. And the answer is… I don’t know.
The trend rivals the attention, over the last decade or so, given to allegations against the Catholic church of priests and other church officials involved in inappropriate relationships with children. “They’re prosecuting bishops, monsignors, cardinals for passing priests from parish to parish. This is no different,” Miller said. Teachers’ unions want to allow offending teachers to resign – or they press for confidentiality agreements that wipe clean offenders’ teaching history to make them more employable. Miller calls the practice “pass the trash.” That kind of behavior leaves students in danger and further stigmatizes the majority of teachers who don’t deserve it, she said. “It’s created this massive pool of unknown, unindicted child molesters in our schools – until another child is abused,” Miller said.

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Evening at inniswood … Summer is almost over …

(via Looting After Michael Brown Shooting Exposes St. Louis Economic Divide | New Republic) There are serious issues, but why is he wearing a Reds cap in the St. Louis area …

The security guard will no doubt defend his actions as simply doing his job. What we saw was something else: racial stereotyping, pure and simple. The Castellini family has done an outstanding job of making Great American Ball Park a family-friendly place, and I’m sure they’d be the first to be appalled at this behavior. Maybe they need to help at least one member of the security staff understand that the park is an open and friendly place for everyone, not just the folks he thinks should be in the best seats.
Credit has long been thought of as a democratizing force. It enabled ordinary Americans to buy houses, cars and other amenities that had previously only been available to those with substantial capital. But over the last few decades, that process has been reversed. Financial irresponsibility is, of course, one of the things that drives a bad credit score. But so does unstable, low-skilled employment and a thin margin of financial error between you and the basics of American middle-class life. So what we’re seeing is a redistribution of benefits not just from the financially irresponsible to the financially responsible, but also from the labor market’s “have nots” to its “haves.”